Upcoming Cat Shows


April 8/9  Longview, WA.  Puget Sound CC.  CFA*****
April 22/23  Las Vegas, NV.  World Cat Congress/Las Vegas CC.  CFA
       undetermined if I will be shooting ONLY for Royal Canin at ____this show.  Possible normal sessions ONLY on Friday pm.
April 28>30 Nashville, TN.  Music City CC.  TICA*
May 6/7  Concord, NH.  Seacoast CC.  CFA*****
May 13 Isaqua, WA.  North Pacific Siamese CC  CFA
May 27/28  Largo, FL.  Skyway CC.  TICA
June 10/11  Houston, TX.  Gulfshore Regional CFA
June 17  Phoenix, AZ.  CFA SW Regional  CFA
June 28>July 2  Chicago, IL.  CFA Annual Awards and Meetings
July 8/9  Lexington, KY.  Triple Crown CF.  CFA*
July 14>16  Tacoma, WA.  SeaCats CC.  NWR Regional  TICA 
August 4>6  Visalia, CA.  Kat Knappers CC.  SWR Regional TICA
August 19/20  Largo, FL.  Skyway CC.  TICA
Sept 8>10  Rosemead High 50th year reunion
November 4/5 Dover NH.  New Hampshire FF  CFA* 


August 11/12  Denver, CO.  EconoCats CC.  TICA 

Dates not shown may be available for booking for a show....please contact us if your club is interested in having us attend their show.

(*) asterisk after the show indicates tickets have already been purchased. Very limited home session availability.... Shows without asterisk means changes could be made to accomodate home sessions in the area.....if anyone would like a home session.

(*****) means I have extra time on this trip and home sessions would be available by appointment.

(????) Means we are hopeful and likely to be at this show...but it is not yet firm.