Licensing and Stock Photos

With a library of over 1,000,000 cat photos covering more than 40 years....we are well situated to supply end users with pedigreed cat photos with historical depth, showing development of the breeds, and in some cases the very first members of the breeds....

Published uses depend largely upon the size of use, the scope of use, and number of languages requested, as well as the number of imprints to be made. Prices range from US$50--300.00 per image for most book uses.

Digital usage on published CD/DVD media is figured in a similar manner.

Digital usage on websites, is licensed on a annual basis, and is based upon the maximum number of images used at one time during the license period. Rates begin at $5 per image/year, We supply a library of over 150,000 rough images from which to chose, and will supply finished files upon contract basis. Billing is on an annual basis for internet usage.  For further details contact us:

Richard or Nancy Katris    Chanan Photography    P.O.Box 6    Mira Loma, CA. 91752-0006    USA    (951)685-2739