About Releases for Usages......

When we photograph for our clients we expect them to use the photos on their personal web sites, on their personal business cards, stationary, postage stamps, and for paid advertisements in magazines and the like. If the photos are being used for their personal items such as checks, or a mouse-pad ...to be used by them.....a mug, even a poster.....and these uses are one or two copies ONLY.....and are not intended to be sold to the general public at large.... We consider this a permissable usage, and hereby grant permission for duplication for this type of purpose.

Our permission is hereby given for your printer to use our photos on your personal stationary items, checks, business cards, photos on your own personal credit cards, brochures, pedigrees etc.. Items used by you, or to be given away by you personally for free. Also permision is granted for use in show catalogs, newspaper announcements or ads for your show and club fliers. Other items with print runs less than 500 copies. including cakes cookies, mugs, hats, water or wine bottle labels where the bottles are to be given away for free. It is REQUIRED that copyright credit be included on any of these "published" uses to protect our ownership of the image. This requirement to include the signature/credit on images used in published uses (including the internet) is needed to satisfy USA and International Copyright Law, to order to retain ownership of the copyright to the photos. About 1/3 to 1/2 of our income is derived from such additional licensed uses by commercial users, and it is only because of the income we generate from them, that we can keep our prices as low as we do with all the airfares, hotels, car rentals, and inflation.......I will try to keep posted on our site this list of "allowable" uses that can be downloaded, and should hopefully serve as evidence of your permission to use the images in personal ways. If you need us to write a special release f for any use, we charge $10.00 for each release we have to transmit on a custom basis.

all the below apply to items that are NOT to be sold, but given away for free: 

cattery and personal business cards and stationary
water bottles
wine bottles
show catalogs
show fliers
personal Xmas cards
one up posters commisioned by the owners of the animal for their personal use
one up garments, blankets, mugs, mouse pads,

Hopefully this covers most requests and will suffice as a permission to your printer or supplier.
If the item you are having made is NOT covered above contact me and I will add it if appropriate, to this list.

Specific publications we work with on a regular basis which have permission to use our photos without payment include one published and marketed only within the show cat fancy and include "The CFA Almanac" "TICA Trend", the yearbooks and magazines published by and for all major cat registry associations.

On the other hand if....someone wants to use the image on a package to sell something to the public, or use it as an illustration in a magazine, or a web site (other than the owner's personal web site or one entire run by and for one of the major cat associations), to make a pattern or design from the image and then sell it to the public...or use the photo in any product, the intention of which is to sell to the general public, then the person marketing the item must enter into a contract with Chanan Photography to obtain the right to use the image for that purpose.

If you require any written permissions not covered by this page....there will be a minimum US$10 charge to transmit an appropriate permission to whoever needs it.

Many 'free' web site providers, and some software makers, and internet 'print making companies' have clauses in their terms of usage that might grant to them unlimited rights to use any photos you might post using their services. This is usually in the fine print about the usage of their service(s). As the owners of the photos that we make and the copyright claimants to those photos, we do NOT want you to post any of our photos on any site that makes any such condition that would in anyway dilute our exclusive ownership to our images.

We sell and license our images to commercial firms, and if the rights to use or market our photos is granted to another enterprise, this would dilute our capacity to earn income from our work. Should an owner post our photos on such a site, and should we be required to take legal action against that firm/site that used those photos based upon an agreement that our client had entered into with them, it is likely that the firm being sued by us, would end up suing the client who had allowed them to use our photos by agreeing to their business terms and using their 'free' services.