Home Session Information

Home sessions are available...time permitting when we are out of town at shows, and locally in Southern California....if you have 4 or more animals to photograph, home sessions can be more economical than the session fee for four animals at a show.

In order to come to your location, and set up our portable studio...we charge mileage one way from where we are...to your location at the rate of US$1.50 per mile, a flat fee of US$130.00 to set up the studio, and then the same US$1.00 p er shot that we charge at the shows for the "A" type of session.  US$6 per shot for type (B) sessions, US$10 per shot for type (C) sessions.  US$15 per shot for type (D) sessions. 

((Session TYPES explained on the "Show Session" page)) 

For 4x6 prints add $1 per shot taken for any session type. Foreign addresses add US$15 for any session involving mailing any product via post.  

A session 20 miles away would charge out at:

$30 travel+ $130 setup+25 shots were taken that were good=
If done as a type (A) (650x433 pixels) session total would be ~$185.00

If done as type (B) (2048x1365 pixels) session total would be ~$310.00

If done as type (C)  3600x2400 pixels) session total would be ~$410.00
If done as type (D)  5184x3186 pixels) session total would be ~$535.00

price quotes above are a comparison and approximate to show the different relative costs between the different packages we offer at the shows if done in a home session situation.  See "SHOW Sessions" link/page for an explanation of the different session types.

Home sessions offer the possiblity of very personalized sessions in that you may
have either furniture, or props that we can use in the photos to differentiate them from the solid colored backdrops that we use at the shows. Some people prefer this type of photo.

Arrangements obviously have to be made well in advance for home sessions when we are out of town, as we have to provide additional time, hotel, car rentals, and of course the advance purchase tickets when traveling by air. 

C ontact us at: (951)685-2739 or using Skype at "chananone", or via email. richard@chanan.com or chananphoto@sbcglobal.net