CFA Annual Chicago, IL.  June 28--July 2, 2017
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Individual images 650x433 pixels, US$5.00 each.  2048x1365 pixels US$10 each, 4096x2730 pixels US$20 each file.  Order 10 or more files at the same size, price is 1/2 prices above for each image.  Sample photos are first run proofs and watermarked on the pages here.  Purchased images will be redone individually, and emailed to you at the size you purchase signed, but without the watermark over the photos.  Please support us and purchase image you want to use.
650x433 is the size we use on our Facebook page.  2048x1365 can be printed to 8x12 inches OK.  4096x2730 pixels size can make good 16x20 prints.  Purchase images by emailing the file names to me and paying on Paypal to my email address which is:   ""